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This is an unmarked (no date) Weimar Alphabet SN DWM Luger (alphabet DWM).
Its serial number puts it as built in 1928.
It has a sear safety, although it does not have or ever had a magazine safety. This gun, although supposedly made in 1928, sports a Simson marking on the barrel. It is possible this is an imperial rework, the color is a bit different at the very top where the date would be, although it doesn't seem like the top is "ground down".
Also, it has a #3 on the underside of the barrel, which I also believe is a rework marking (I will change this if not true).

Talking to a long time collector, he said that the Simson marking is not a rework marking, but probably an acceptance marking by a Simson employee.

Download Attachment: 1928right.jpg
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Download Attachment: 1928leftside.jpg
101.89 KB

This marking on the barrel is a Simson Rework
Download Attachment: 1928_barrel_simson.jpg
86.53 KB

The next three pictures show that it was accepted by the Berlin Police Armory

Download Attachment: barrel_marking.jpg
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Download Attachment: TP_markings_grey.jpg
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Download Attachment: TPmarkings.jpg
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Inside of the grips for this gun
Download Attachment: 1928Grips.jpg
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It is marked on the left with the serial number and crown N?
Download Attachment: 1928leftframeserial.jpg
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Download Attachment: DWM1928top.jpg
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Download Attachment: frameserialandbarrel.jpg
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Here is the magazine, it is a H.S. and is a #3 issued magazine, usually you see the #1 or the #2 issued with a gun, but for some situations, 3 magazines were issued for police use. The acceptance marking appears to be the same one as the Commercial Police Magazine I posted the other day.

Download Attachment: Magazine2base.jpg
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Download Attachment: magazineside1.jpg
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Download Attachment: DWM_1928_mag_base1.jpg
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Download Attachment: DWM_1928_mag_base2.jpg
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Download Attachment: serial_number_mag.jpg
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Download Attachment: Magazine1.jpg
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