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HI; I ran into a 1934 Carl HIEINICHEN DRESDEN holster with a Weimar proof. It has a possibly cleaning rod holder on top of the tool holder flap and a pocket for the rod tip. It is not quite black or brown and fairly worn but not damaged. Any idea as to value, rarity, demand, that kind of thing. Came with a Mauser banner tool too! The gun was a matched inc. Mag S/42 1938. Doug

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Douglas, 1934 holsters are sought after by collectors. Hard to say without looking at it but they sell on the high side usually. If the holster is in good shape, stitching not rotten and all the parts present and accounted for I would say the range could be in the 300 to 350 easily enough.
Consider that there are many considerations when valuing a holster. Shape, form, any modifications, leather surface holes, cracks, scuffs and the list goes on.
You want to be sure you look it over carefully.The Mauser Banner tool most likely is from the 70's. Jerry Burney

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HI; Just a couple of pictures. Is it possible that the Mauser banner tool is wartime? It sure looks it to me. I'd find it hard to belive that this guy added it to the piece in the 70's. Doug

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