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1934 Luger (police DWM ?)

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SN 1922
Matching: magazines, parts, holster (with tool)
Year on holster: 1934
Holster Stamping: Otto Sindel, Berlin, 1934
Gun Stamping:
- DWM stamp on top
- PTV stamp with eagle on side of barrel

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Looking for any information on this gun.

Working on getting more pics.

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Your Luger has a sear safety (top of side plate) that was added by the Prussian State Police according to orders dated 1933. A magazine safety was added at the same time as the sear safety but was later removed. The DWM on the middle toggle link indicates that your Luger was probably manufactured sometime between 1908 and early 1930. The matching magazines are probably numbered 1, 2 or 3. The 1934 holster is a police holster.
Need details of all other markings on your luger including the complete serial number with letter suffix.
Look in the Weimar Lugers section for DWM Lugers with sear and magazine safety for further details.
There is no letter suffix with the serial number, just 1922 and then all the parts have 22 stamped on them. The other markings are 22s on the parts or small eagles that seem to vary in size and style. There is also smaller markings (like on the trigger and magazines) but I can't tell what they are supposed to be (don't look like an eagle). I am including a closup of the serial number on the holster and a picture of the bottom of the barrel and those markings (the piece that has 53 stamped on the bottom also has 22 stamped on the side, why?) - I had to distort the color a bit to get the stampings to come out of the shadows. There is also a closeup of the side of the barrel with the PTV and eagle stamp.

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There is a letter suffix on the serial number of your Luger, it is visible in the photo just under the serial number on the front of the frame. It is hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like it might be a "u". The part with the 53 stamped on the bottom is the takedown lever. The 53 is stamped in the commercial style on the bottom of the part and is the original number of the part. It is a replacement part and has been re-stamped 22 on the side in the military style to match the serial number of the gun, probably when it was re-worked as a police weapon. The barrel is also a replacement, and the PTV on the barrel is, according to Costanzo, a "1920-1926 Police Proof. Found on Simson reworks for repair, testing and reissue. The initials PTV represent Polzeischule Technik Verkehr meaning technical police units." I am not sure that is an accurate interpretation of what the PTV represents, but if it is, it would mean something like "Police School for Traffic Technology".
* While I have no documentation to confirm or dispute, some suggest the numeral "3" on the barrel signifies 1933 as the year when this pistol was rebarreled by the Police.
* Documentation would be welcomed.
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