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Here are some pictures of my latest acquisition a very late Kreigsmarine M1934. This one is serial number 624356. The Kiegsmarine marking is on the right side frame above the grip panel. The serial range on these variation four models was approximately 544000--628000. Somewhere around 6,000 to 12,000 in this range were Kriegsmarine marked. These late M1934 KMs are NOT property marked (front grip strap and magazine) like the other three variations. This one is all matching and in very nice condition. The fit and finish on these is of the very highest caliber resulting in a very attractive high polish pistol. Lloyd in Vegas
Download Attachment: Kreigsmarine M1934 Left Side.jpg
Download Attachment: Kreigsmarine M1934 Right Side.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine Marking.jpg
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