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1934 Mauser police eagle C with holster

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115.44 KB This posting requires some skill which apparently I am lacking so to avoid such encounters of intermixing text with photos all the time I have decided to place text at the end of thread. Bear with me. This is a favorite of mine as it brings back fond memories of my hand shaking when I had located this rig at a gunshow many years past. So bad in fact, that I had to rest my elbow on the trade table in order to examine the rest of the rig. This,of course was done to keep someone else from latching their paws on it. This Mauser is very unusual as it possess forbidden marks such as Weimar Era Prussian Police markings of[ L.G.87.] on both holster and gripstrap of pistol. This practice was to stop in 1936 when Himmler took over as the National Police Commander. Apparently, not all German Police were such advid Nazi supporters and continued to mark their pistols regardless of what Berlin said to do. Trust that you will enjoy it as it is the only 1934 Mauser police rig that I am aware of that has both the gun and holster numbered together.

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Another outstanding all matched minty rig.
Thanks for your post.

Jan C Still
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