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I bought this holster a few weeks ago. The price was commensurate to the condition. The holster was missing the closure strap and buckle and had a snap closure installed in its place. It really would make a nice range holster the way it was set up, but this is a G date holster, which are usually pretty hard to find, especially in the very nice condition the leather is in, and they are usually very pricey.
What do you do when a rare holster needs some TLC? You put it on the 3:10 to Yuma and send it to the MeisterSadler, Mr. Jerry Burney, sadler extraordinaire. Jerry Burney did his usual extraordinary magic. The holster will always have a small scar where the snaps were removed, but I am very happy to have it go with my G date Luger.
Thank you Jerry, very much...Bill


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