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1936 Luger by Mauser, S/42, ser #201 - g series, (all matching numbers - no changed parts or X'ed out numbers). No police safety. Front strap reads - SS XVIII * (The * is the Japanese Chrysanthemum). The SS is one S stamped on top of another S, but both S's can be read clearly.
‘Chrysanthemum’ stamped pistols were though to be fakes but this appears to be an original stamping.
Inclosed are two Chrysanthemum samples, one is the eye of a WW2 German bayonet and the other sample is the center of a WW2 Japanese medal.
The stamp on the front strap is identical to the one on the bayonet.
Anyone having having knowledge of Lugers with three digit serial numbers, SS XVIII unit number, and/or the Chrysanthemum stamp please respond. Thanks PGW.

Download Attachment: sample.jpg

Download Attachment: Japanese Chrysanthemum.jpg

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Peter, what you have described sounds very much like a unit marked VOPO Luger. The Volkspolizei used a daisey emblem that looks very much like the Jap mum. The letter, Roman numeral sequence also fits with post war East German police markings.

Does your pistol exhibit any faint importer's marks? How is the magazine marked; serial number and proofs on tube?

My VOPO is marked S XVII with a daisey.
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