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would like to know the value of a luger holster marked....
Wa234.....ER&K. VOEGELS...KOLN-DEUTZ 1936. it seems to be all original has some leather surface scuffing from storage.
it came with a tool in a small pouch and a 1936 KRIEGHOFF inside.

reach me at.... [email protected]

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Jim, I usually do a search on e-bay and check prices there. Check sold prices, that will give you a good indication of what the market will bear right now.

You really need to provide pictures to get a good estiamte, otherwise it could be $50 if beat to hell, and past $200 if brown and in nice hsape...


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Look very carefully on the inside of the holster cover. Now search the upper part of the back on the inside of the holster. Can you find a Luft2 mark? In most cases, they are very slight marks. If you find this mark, you have a Krieghoff holster worth maybe $300.00 to $700.00. If not, you have just another common military holster.
Good Luck
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