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1936 P-08 Front Strap Question

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Hello I have a 1936 Mauser manufactured (S/42) P-08. It's serial number is 8521. All numbers match including the barrel stamp. It has front strap markings wich indicate the following:

The first set which has been X out has the following:

S. Ar. IV 2.38

Then the following markings were added:

S. Ar. II 5.51

It seems to me that this might have been an assignment of this pitsol to a military unit?
Is there anyone who could shed some light on this for me?
Thanks very much,
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Paul, Welcome to the forum. The markings indicate Schutzpolizei Arnsberg District duty locations 4 and 2 respectively. Weapon #38 and weapon #51.I'm not certain of the meaning of 2. and 5. in front of the weapon #s. It's an Arnsberg Police issue pistol. Unit marking was ordered to cease in 1937. You have a desirable police luger. Try to post some photos. we would like to see this one.
The unit markings on your 1936 S/42 are defined as follows:
S. Ar. IV 2.38
Schutzpolizei Arnsberg Command IV, 2nd Centuria, Weapon no.38

S. Ar. II 5.51
Schutzpolizei Arnsberg Command II, 5nd Centuria, Weapon no.51

(see page 92-93 “German Small Arms Markings”)

Its very unusual to see police unit stamps on a 1936 S/42. Does it have a sear safety? Shown is a sear safety on a 1936 dated Luger.


Does the serial number have an associated letter suffix on the front of the frame below the serial number?
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I will post some pictures in the morning when I can get them under good light.
There are no letter markings anywhere on the pistol.
I paid $450 for it. The same seller has one more 1938 pistol that I am going to take a look at tomorrow.
Wonderful info from you here on the site. I appreciate the time that you took to answer my questions and will post some pics so we can learn the history of this one a little more!
Also I am having a little trouble deciphering the sear safety photo. Unfortunetly I am so new to the P-08 that I cannot definately say weather or not it has one. When I engage the safety, a small block physically comes up on the left side of the pistol. I am not sure weather it is the sear safety you are mentioning or not. I will take another photo of it tomorow.

Paul, You got a great deal on a scarce luger! The sear saftey is the small flat, dog legged, bar riveted to the frame and extends forward to rest on top of the side plate(square plate with oblong hump on left side). It is visible running through the center of Jan's photo.Side plate is missing in photo. This was a device added to police pistols to prevent accidental discharge when disassembled.

Here are a few pictures of this Luger. I am still taking a look at the 1938 model. Unfortunetly there is one part on that Luger which does not match serial numbers with the others.
In taking a look at the photo I cannot see any type of a sear safety that you describe on it either. Perhaps my photos will provide some confirmation of that.

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On your 1936 dated Luger, the frame,serial number 3010, does not match the barrel-receiver, serial number 8521. The top of the Luger does not match the bottom of the Luger. The bottom (frame) is likley from the Imperial or Weimar Era. The police unit stamps were applied during the Weimar Era.
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