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I have owned this Luger since the mid 80's. When i bought it, i paid less than 500.00 for it, and thought at the time, it was a little high in price, but felt that over time, these would be tougher to find. It is the only Luger I own, and I use it as a shooter.

When I purchased this Luger, it came with 2 clips, loading tool and the holster for the Luger. It is a dark brown holster, manufactured by KARL BARTH. I would be able to tell you more about the holster, but it is in a display case, on the waist belt of a Luftwaffe Feldherrenhalle NCO tunic, and to remove it takes some time. I will do this at a later time if there is interest in showing the holster in images.

Now, after reading the previous posts on Lugers on this forum I am wondering if I should not shoot it anymore. I would appreciate input from fellow forum members about what their thought is on this.

Download Attachment: MVC-001S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-006S.JPG

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Download Attachment: MVC-014S.JPG

Thank you for looking and giving me your input.
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