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Doh! Looks like I was too quick to shout Waffenfabrik USA. My bad Chuck, looks like everything is cool with the mag. Call me a pessimist. Been that way ever since David Lee Roth left Van Halen.

RE: 6584g; Two more observations concerning this magazine make it more correct. First of all (in my opinion) the 1936-S/42 Police Lugers in the - g - block used exactly the same magazines as the G-S/42 Police Lugers. Both dates had the scriptic - H - representing "Haenel" on the heal and the C.G. Haenel spine logo. As Jan mentioned they were numbered by the Police not Mauser. As for fake 1936-S/42 Police pistols, one might be safe if a 1936-S/42 sear safety Police Luger is found with a serial/suffix range between 6079g and 6800g. I suspect a few more than 200 1936-S/42 Lugers were shipped to the Police. The logic for this comment may be found in recorded serial numbers and suffix ranges. For example, between 6079g and 6438g there will be found both Police and Military Lugers recorded. On the other hand Between 6486g and 6790g my records only reflect Police 1936 dates. I have never observed or recorded data relating to a 1936 Military Pistol within this range. It may be possible to find a few 1936-S/42 Police Lugers in the 2200h serial range. These pistols will have the common Military magazine of the era.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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