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I bought this gun last night and really didn't look at the acceptance stamps real close until I got it home.

Download Attachment: MVC-049S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-050S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-055S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-056S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-058S.JPG

Nice halo on the number.

Download Attachment: MVC-059S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-054S.JPG

Now the fun part.

Download Attachment: MVC-051S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-052S.JPG

Has anybody else run into this ?????

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Have seen an HZa stamp between the standard acceptance stamps on a 1936 military but not an E/WaA63. Costanzo shows a similar eagle on page 85 number 48 and lists it as a 1933 rework stamp applied to the right receiver.

On page 101 number 113 Costanzo shows a similar E/WaA66 stamp and calls it a "1933 SIMSON WaffenAmt Office 66 military proof....Location noted right receiver."

These are not exactly like your E/WaA63 stamp.

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Jan..... Thanks for your comments. I don't know that I understand the sequence of the stamping but could it be something as simple as a different inspector was just filling in???? I would wager next week's pay that the gun has not been reworked. Everything is pretty crispy. Sure would be nice if somebody has one close to that one.

Another LUGER MYSTERY.....

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Hi Dave, I too ran into the same situation as Jan. I could come close, but no cigar. Welcome to the realm of Odd Ball Lugers!!

My only comment would be that the final inspection die was unavailable so they used something close. After all it is a Droop Eagle over 63 (sort of)!!

Anyway, Congratulations on your new pistol!!

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I found a list of WaA Inspectors and 63 was listed as working at Oberndorf inspecting K98s from 1935 - 38 and again from 1938 -39. I've sent a copy of the stamp to a good friend who is really into K98s and he will compare it to the stamps on a 1936 he has. Perhaps there will be a hint there.
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