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Not to make your quest even more difficult; the suffix must also be correct, i.e. the bottom of the magazine should contain the same numbers as are on the front of the frame, plus the suffix, if any, that is stamped just below the numbers. And, it should have the blued folded steel magazine body used in 1937, and, as has been mentioned, the same WaffenAmt as seen on the right side of the receiver.

In the Mauser Era, P.08s were produced in blocks of 10,000, with the first block not having a suffix and then "a" through "z" repeating from 1934 to end of production. Serialization of the magazine ceased in mid-late 1941. And, to complicate things further, the characteristics of the body and base also changed periodically during this time.

That's why matching magazines increase the value of a gun that much. Really hard to find; and two matching is even harder.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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