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1937 S/42 Luger - What do I have here?!

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Hello all!

Im completely new in this forum. Got this gun from my father. He used to compete (!) with it during the 50s and I wonder what can be said about its history looking upon the stamps, serial number etc.


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Hi Erik,
Welcome to the Forum!! You have a very nice looking 1937 1st Variation Luger. The strawed parts and the serial number, 6451p confirms this.

It was one of the first Lugers completed in 1937, probably in January. The two Eagle-over-63 on the right side are the Inspection Acceptance Marks and the other eagle (looks like a sea shell) is the proof mark. This proof mark is applied after it is subjected to a number of over pressure loads fired from the pistol.

The small parts that are marked "51" are all matched to that particular Luger.

The S/42 Marking on the top of the toggle is the German Ordnance Code for Mauser!

Hope this helps!!
Jan, you still have good eyesight. I missed the front sight and the lack of serial number on the underside of the barrel!! Good on you!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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