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This is the luger that I got with the holster I asked about (thanks again for the info). Ser# 2310y, matching grips, mismatch mag. The receiver shows some plum, the grip straps are mostly bare of finish. I think it is about 70%, am I in the park on this? It has a y suffix which I think means about 250,000th pistol but where is the start of the numbering, 1933? What year is the magazine? Is the pistol worth 700$

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It must look worse in real life than the pictures, because in the pictures it looks much nicer than 70%.

A shooter goes for around $400 - $500 in 9mm, so $700 is reasonable if in 70%.


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Dennis....... You are pretty close as far as the number of guns. They started in 1934 with the "K" date. Your mag is most probably from a 1938 S/42. Almost close enuf for government work..........except in GERMANY. Enjoy your Luger........

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I rate it at 70% because the front and rear grip straps are missing most of the blue. The pistol is in good shape with no dents or dings to the metal. The bore is very good with no pitting. I would say it is near 90% if the straps are overlooked. I bought this without much research (not a good idea) because a former luger collector said it was correct and not way overpriced. I like to shoot what I collect and this pistol is perfect for that. I paid 800$ for the luger with a P38 holster. Thanks to all for helping me learn about my pistol. Now that the Luger is off the 'list' maybe a P38 will come my way.
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