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I'm currently looking at purchasing a 1938 Mauser Banner that is said to have been out of circulation and in a private collection the last 30 years. It is now part of the disolution of an estate. No pictures yet, but soon to come. It's all matching with the exception of the magazine and is about 95% blue. The serial number is 8017, but the alpha suffix is an "i" and not the normal "v","w" or "x" range usually encountered for that period. Eagle 63 proofs on the right receiver side and a lazy Crown "U" above the serial number on the left receiver side. There's a similar one on page 141 of "Third Reich Lugers" although it is an "n" suffix. I've got a couple of 1938 S/42's in the "i" and "k" range, so I guess it's possible that this piece could also have been diverted from commercial production to a Wehrmacht contract. I would appreciate any input the membership might have on this, as Banners aren't my strong suit knowledge wise and I don't want to end up with a Waffenfabrik USA rework. The seller, by the way is quite reputable and is willing to send me the piece for evaluation prior to payment.
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Mauser Banner Army Lugers are rare and hard to find. Details of the right receiver and barrel acceptance stamps and proof marks(if any) and photographs would be helpful. There is an article covering 1940 Banner Army Lugers in this thread.
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