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I recently acquired this holster that had been butchered by a previous owner. It seems the belt straps had snapped at one point. The belt loops were cut down and and shoddily super glued and retained to the rear by metal wire.
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I have since completed an amateurish attempt at restoration by hand stitching the remnants of the straps with a natural fiber as close as I could find to the original. Unfortunately there was not enough material to loop the straps over like original condition. I made use of the existing holes from staples and previous stitching as much as possible. After completing my shoddy hand stitching, I lightly washed the surface with saddle soap and conditioned with connoly’s leather cream.

My workmanship is far from professional, but at least I can retain the holster on my person and hold a pistol with it without fear of staples damaging the firearm.

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