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* 1938 Krieghoff, sn 9911, and holster

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Submitted for your inspection is my example of a extremely nice luger and its holster along with some small difference from what has been previously presented on this forum. This is not to imply that either one of the examples posted is wrong or questionable but rather small difference can be found on different examples in production. Just some diminutive differences. This example rates at a original 99.9% blue and 99.9% straw so after one's detailed study of both proper examples presented, there shouldn't be as much confusion as to what might be proper and what should be judged questionable . Provide you have a opportunity to examine one, that is. Sorry that my capabilities with the camera is not what I would have wished but there you have it. If one has never gazed upon a $1000 holster then this is your opportunity to do so .

Download Attachment: holster front.JPG
112.47 KB

Download Attachment: holster rear.JPG
118.84 KB

Download Attachment: stitch pattern.JPG
144.85 KB I have detailed this element as all of Eger & Linde holsters have this "U" stitch pattern on the closure strap. Whenever I come across this pattern I never fail to examine the holster in detail and neither should you.

Download Attachment: inside holster markings.JPG
151.09 KB The marking read from left to right top to bottom ; H.Eger & Linde, Seligenthal/TH ,1939.

Download Attachment: LW 2 proofmark.JPG
151.95 KB Although faint, it is still there and should be where it is suppose to be.

Download Attachment: pistol left side.JPG
138.86 KB

Download Attachment: left side close up.JPG
121.23 KB

Download Attachment: toggle top.JPG
126.88 KB

Download Attachment: chamber date.JPG
103.29 KB The number 8 is not as canted as other examples but close examination shows the 8 is higher than the rest of the numbers.

Download Attachment: frame front.JPG
97.13 KB

Download Attachment: inside bevel toggle.JPG
96.43 KB As have been stated previously , the beveled edge on the inside of toggle knob is not found with any other manufacturers of lugers.

Download Attachment: stock lug.JPG
105.43 KB The mill work with the inside slot cuts of this stock lug is only found on Kreighoff lugers.

Download Attachment: ramp heat treatment.JPG
141.84 KB This heat treatment color feature is shown as it should be present on all pre 1940 Krieghoff's if not later on some variations.

Download Attachment: pistol right side.JPG
106.92 KB

Download Attachment: right side proofs.JPG
121.52 KB Notice any difference with the proof marks ???

Download Attachment: loading tool.JPG
148.8 KB

Download Attachment: extruded magazine.JPG
130.22 KB This extruded magazine which came with the gun is for the Kreighoff's and is unmarked in any way save for the serial number and one LW2 proof that is found on the magazine bottom. Download Attachment: magazine bottom.JPG
74.04 KB This is the magazine which came with the gun when purchased but have been told that the magazine belongs to a 1940 example which was stolen off of Harold Skinner's table at a gunshow many years ago. I feel that these two lugers, 9911 and 10101 were on the same table at one time and the magazines were mixed at that time. So 10101 was stolen and buried deeply I am sure but if someone has this luger and with 9911 magazine I will trade without any questions asked. For sure !

Download Attachment: early magazine.JPG
120.61 KB Shown is an example of a nickled sheet metal magazine found with early examples of Kreighoff lugers, just in case you run across one of these and question whether its real or not.

Download Attachment: early mag bottom.JPG
79.89 KB
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It has been suggested that my opening statement was casting disparaging doubts upon other postings found on this forum. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was my intent to show differences in production /markings that can be found on multiple examples of the same variation. My newly revised opening statement clearly reflects my purpose and should leave no doubt in one's mind as to my original objectives. I trust that I caused no serious consternation on my part with the members.
I would consider my opinion not the last word on the subject of Kreighoff's but I would venture to say that the magazines that I am aware at least, have the LW2 proof above the serial number and positioned so as the eagle is facing away from the serial number and towards the forward edge of magazine body.
here is an example of a set of 1943 Kreighoff magazines.

Download Attachment: 1943 Kreighoff luger mags.jpg
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