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1938 Mauser S/42 serial# 5972 (D)

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Pictures of a 1938 Military Mauser, enjoy the photo's

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Question Lugerlou:
Picture #5 under the serial No is this an "d" or "cl" ?
Hans, I'm not Lugerlou, but the answer is a "d". There are no two letter suffix Lugers!!

Welcome to the forum, Frank's post is correct.
Sorry both, I am brand new in this forum.
I will do it better in the next Time
There is no need to be sorry. You ask a question,and got an answer. Thats how everybody learns. I know nothing about these great old guns,except that I love them.So I read,ask questions and learn.
Thank's David,
you give me hope ;))
Hi friends,
I got a 1938 S/42 "d" too, Serial # 5359 but not in so a nice condition. I bot it by a Gun-Dealer in FL after the Hurricans, and my 08 was damaged from water "pitting on barrel, on right and left side.
It's all matching, except the woodenbodem mag. with a nice Holster from 1916 stamped for 250.- bucks. I think thath's ok ?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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