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I just acquired this high polish Crown N proofed .22 PPK rig with capture declaration. It came out of the collection of a NAPCA member who is liquidating/selling a 200 pistol very high grade WWI and WWII military pistol collection. Thanks to my friend and boardmember Dgiz (Dean Gizzi) who alerted me about this collection being sold. We have each been fortunate to acquire a number of very nice high grade rigs.

Anyway, this PPK serial number 231065K was manufactured about 1939. Whittington in his book "German Pistols and Holsters 1934-1935" provides an estimate on quantity produced of about 4,100 in .22LR in the serial range 175000K--359000K. Rankin in his book "Walther Models PP and PPK 1929-1945" on page 70 (Walther Model PPK 5.25) lists serial number 231067K.

The pistol came in an excellent condition commercial brown (Aluminum Button) "D.R.G.M." and Akah (Albrecht Kind, Berlin-Nurnberg) trademarked breakaway type holster. It is NOT military acceptance stamped. The marking between the D.G.R.M. and Akah (on the breakaway flap) is the firm's trademark, crossed pistols over crossed rifles entwined in a wreath. The underside of the holster flap is ink-stamped marked in a pale purplish/blue color PPK. It has the sight edge reserve magazine pouch.

Well onto the pictures:

Download Attachment: PPK .22 Left Side.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK .22 Right Side.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK .22 Capture Declaration Up Close.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK .22 Holster.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK .22 Open Holster.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK .22 Holster Maker Mark.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK .22 Rig with capture document.jpg

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YES, I did! I took it out Saturday morning to our local range and ran about 20 rounds through it. It functioned flawlessly and put the rounds to point of aim. It has now been retired but I just may shoot it again some time. Some collectors probably would advise against this (considering the condition and rarity) but I always have an itch to see how they work and function. It is a fun little pistol to shoot!
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