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Hello all,

I am very happy to have finally located an example of those Kriegsmarine marked Mausers. It fits a ``very special`` place in the Collection. 1939 dated 42 code SN 3452z N3984 property marked backstrap. Pistol is in vg condition and has a ``x block`` E655 mag. Holster is KM marked K. Bocker 1939 dated.

As some data has been compiled lately on different variations of III Reich Lugers, I think it would be a good idea to collect data on those reported Kriegsmarine P08s......


Download Attachment: DSCN4249.JPG
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Great find and certainly seems to be the most rare of the WW-11 K-Marine Lugers. I agree with Frank, send it down we will match a coin for it.

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Very nice luger and good photo's nice to see that this one is in your hands as these KM lugers are tough to find in our land. By the way send the next two that you find in my direction, I've heard that lugers ship west better than south.

All kidding aside,it is great that you have enhanced your third reich collection with this example.

Just fun: Have you not heard of the "Coriolis force"? Things including Lugers always move better south and east in the Northern Hemisphere. Hopefully Frank and I are in this direction.
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