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I have the subject pistol that I plan to sell. It has some odd characteristics about it that leave me with a few questions. The pistol is all matching with the exception of the left grip which appears to be from an Erfurt. I will post photos that display the oddities, can any of you pick them out?

Download Attachment: MVC-011F.JPG

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Nice puzzle:
-No sear safety, no police.
-No acceptance stamps on the right side of the receiver.
-Very weird Mauser banner.
-No commercial nitro-proofs.
-Non-strawed parts.
-Commercial V-block.

Looks like one that 'went missing' :)

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* Mr. Sam Costanzo might like this pistol.
* His book, WOLI, Pg 414 offers the following:
- "8100v - 8550v; Destination = Unknown. 1939 Dated. Commercial/contract. Those noted have the Oberndorf C/C/U(lazy) only and are without a sear safety. No strawed parts are noted. Numbers authenticated are 8123v, 8125v, 8147v, 8256v, 8368v, 8399v, 8446v, & 8532v" as of the 1977 publisher's date.
* On Pg. 403, he goes on to say, "Numbers 8350v and 8567v are Swiss Proofed. Both are in 7.65mm.
* Trust this helps.

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Bob, thanks for your input. I believe you handled this pistol in Tulsa last October.

The oddity I notice is the finish of the pistol. The body and frame appear to be rust blued with each part finished to a different degree of completeness. The typically strawed parts of an earlier year are certainly salt blued on this pistol. None of these parts appear to have been tampered with after manufacture. I believe that this is the way the pistol was first delivered.

Do any of you collectors ever recall seeing small parts salt blued when the body was rust blued?
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