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Presented is another Banner which I trust one will enjoy as well as learn from. Unusual in that it has a matching numbered holster which was rescued from a serious bout of dry rot from its former owner. I would have assumed that not another year would have gone by that some evidence of this damaging storage condition would have been transferred to the pistol itself. It would have been a crime if allowed as I find the pistol to be in exceptional condition, but then I am prone to be biased at times. Judge for yourself.

Download Attachment: 1939 holster front.JPG
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Download Attachment: 1939 holster rear.JPG
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Download Attachment: 1939 holster markings.JPG
98.81 KB The markings are very lightly stamped but read Schambach, Berlin, 1939.

Download Attachment: eagle C left side.JPG
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Download Attachment: eagle C left side close up.JPG
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Download Attachment: eagle C toggle top.JPG
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Download Attachment: eagle C frame front.JPG
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Download Attachment: eagle C front shight proof.JPG
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If one looks closely , you will see the proof mark on the front sight block base which all Mauser Banners should have.

Download Attachment: eagle C right side.JPG
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Download Attachment: eagle C right side close up 2.JPG
249.65 KB

Download Attachment: eagle C magazine side.JPG
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Download Attachment: eagle C magazine base.JPG
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Perhaps others more learned than I can explain why there is a letter suffix on this police magazine. At times, I think that I can understand what is taking place but at other times are just the opposite of what I had just accepted as the routine of marking. If I didn't know any better, I would suspect that , in this case, the numbers appear to be stamped by a jig at the Mauser factory with not only the serial number but also the suffix and the plus sign for the second magazine. It was then sent to the Police Depot where it acquired its 1 and 2 and placed in inventory. Not the norm in my school of observations, but then again there may not be a norm . The question which has been plagueing the collecting fraternity for years is how many magazine were shipped with the pistol from the factory. At times it appears to be one, but at other times ,2 appears to be appropriate, such as is the case here.

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Great rig KK!

I have heard (but this might have been a couple of collectors theorizing) that a pistol would have been ordered by the police, through army channels with two magazines from Mauser, and stamped in the army fashion, as per army regs. Then upon arriving at the police depot, they were stamped in accordance with police regs.

But this is conjecture...

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