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Presented here is my candidate for an acceptable 1939 Eagle F Mauser Banner with its holster . Trust one will learn some information from it as it does possess some unusual features , and if not then enjoy it for what it is.

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By the way the texture of the finish on the toggle ears it would suggest that this area was shot blasted. Of all my Banners, this is the only pistol that exhibts this feature

Download Attachment: eagle 6 side plate.JPG
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It appears that all remaining parts were used by witinessing this Simson eagle 6 side plate , that I might add , is found only on police weapons.

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The number 3 magazine which is a Hanel Scheimesser that is found marked on the rear spline.

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Being that this magazine is marked with the sunburst [?] over the letter H would suggest to me that it is one of the first to be used from older on-hand parts as other number 3's that I have observed have a police eagle C, F, or L.

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Yes, your manufacturer is different from the rest of the group of Police holsters for reason best left for history at the moment. Your manufacturer was also a prime maker of holsters for the Kreighoff luger and that version is certainly different from all the rest of the military holsters also. Your Police holster I believe uses rivets on the belt loop straps, which is very unusual. Apparently, the manufacturer's had a sufficient amount of lee-way to produce what or how they wanted or were more comfortable with.

I really like those 1939 Banners in the early - w - block with the Simson sideplate. Just for the fun of it, what is the number on the backside of the sideplate. The number 3 magazine is also a jewel. Difficult to see the lower spine, but the acceptance mark appears to be the Haneal scriptic - H -. If the magazine has the Haneal logo on the lower spine, I would think this was one from the original contract in October 1935. Many years ago I purchased a 1939 dated holster from Don Bryans. The holster and tool were numbered 9732 as were magazines 1 and 2. This had to be a very tough to find 1939 Eagle F pistol in the - v - block. I had searched for many years and long given up on this pistol. One day I opened an ad from a Luger dealer and there was 9732v with a matching magazine, magazine turned out to be number 3. I have four or five more of these holster rigs and no pistol. Being a Banner nut, I really enjoyed the great pictures of your pistol, holster and magazines.
Good Luck
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