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i got this 1940 luger from shot gun news a few years ago(5 maybe) i have been trying to find info on its markings but havent really been able too. how can i tell if its a russan rework? all numbers match. the magazine numbers match the nuber on the front of the reciver (forced ?) the grips are a bake lite brown with a bulls eye circle on them. has the dirty birds intact and a wa 655 stamp, twice next to each other, then another dirty bird. on the trigger housing has a wreath looking circle stamp. the blueing is black. any comments would be appreciated. thanks, charlie r ps it shoots fine

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Charlie, sorry you don't feel welcome. Possibly if you had supplied photos, it gives something to comment on, and most of what you stated were facts and not questions about them.

The Russian rework question was just discussed recently, and it is hard to tell a gun at times and obvious at other times (I am no expert in this area). Many russian guns have an "X" marked near the side plate serial number, but not always. Also, many have a reblue, many collectors call "dipped" although it is unknown how they were actually reblued.

Also, the grips are what came on the east german / russian capture guns.

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