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A recent E-Mail
I will relay comments.

Hello - I need help with ID of this Luger. Brought home by a LtCol on Gen Pattons staff. He gave it to his brother--now decd. local man, friend of mine settled the est (it was his father)and got the Luger. Has had it for a number of years and finally sold it to me this week. Nickel plated--with engraved grips made of, I think silver or Germen silver. Monoram on grips RBC. 1940 on chamber 42 and 83 on toggle fixed sights 8,81 on bottom of bbl plus 1883 Right side bbl eagle. Right side of frame 3 line (eagle) 655 2 line eagle 655 and a plaier 2 line eagle. Backstrap fitted for stock. Front of triggerguard 1883 and what looks like styilyzed script g. Gun came in a shoulder holster --may not be German. If you have something like this in one of your books, I would like to purchase it also. I have no knowledge of Lugers. Altho I hunt with a handgun, at times and handload for my other firearms.

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This appears to be a post war "nickle" [or chrome] job, with nice custom made grips. A number bring backs were chromed by GIs at the factories they or their family worked at in the late 40s or early 50s. Chrome was BIG in those years, just look at the cars from that era. Saw a number of these chromed guns and bayonets as a youngster.

Many folks who own them now claim the returning family member vet, took it from a SS officer. There is always seems to be a "story" with these customed Lugers.

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I had one of these but it was a WW1 DWM, I don't remember the year. I bought from a friend from work that brought it home himself from Germany. With this one you could see it was plated between the war by who ever owned it. I wish I still had it.

i bought similar chrome/nickle luger this past x-mas ,love shooting it,and it's nice looking in the middle of my 2 recently purchsed black widows..her's a pic.

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