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1940/42 Odd Navy type marks?

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Could some of the Navy unit mark experts look at the post by "mi1sq" on the New Collectors forum. He has a Luger with odd Navy type markings on the grip strap. I would be interested, as I know where there is a tool with similar markings.

Thanks! Ron
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Ron..... Do you have Jan's "WEIMAR" book ??? Look at page 78 and others. The M/anchor is the Reichsmarine stamp. I have a 4 inch 18/20 with the same stamp and the number 816. Lots of info in the book.

An old anchor clanker like you ought to get into Navies..... will keep you humble and poor but they are a bunch of fun.
Ron..... A picture is worth a bunch of words......

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Dave , I would love to get into Navies. In fact I'm thinking about selling all of my stuff and getting into them. They're just too damned expensive,and tricky,and many fakes. Still thinkin about it. I want to learn somemore before I leap. I know where there's a tool with a WAa over an anchor. I have been told it is probably fake. The odd part is that it's been in a collection for years. How long ago did faked Navy stuff really start showing up?

Ron..... I'm not really sure but I would think sometime in the early 1960's from what the "old timers" have told me. I think there was a direct relationship between interest, price and the "Boosters".

They are fun..........but they are getting a tad pricey......
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