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Acquired a Luger I've been lusting over for 20 years, not the rarest, but none the less major "neat" to me. I first saw it when one of my friends knew I loved guns and wanted a value. Last week he said he wanted to sell some of his guns and that included the Luger. Made the deal and thought I'd share it with the list.

I would be interested to hear if other collectors have run across a "rework" as strange as this one. Chamber date 1940, toggle DWM, all matching numbers. Barrel double proofed, 2 digit number on bottom "45", has what I believe to be vise marks on both sides. Receiver has number "1045" on left side above take down. Extractor, toggle all matched with number "45". Has smaller "42" (Mauser) mark on rear, near sight. Still has Imperial proofs and has "Eagle Hza ?" mark on left receiver front. Toggle pin is matching. Side plate is numbered "45" (I believe made by Erfurt) Frame has number "1045a" on front frame flat, does not appear to be shaved. Take down, safety and grips all show "45". Trigger is unnumbered. Came with plastic based blued FXO mag and a WWI wood bottomed mag numbered "22" with "1" near front.

As I was drooling over the gun my friend says "I think I have some paper that went with it"... Out comes the original capture paper.

As I was getting into my car to leave, and saying goodbye, my friend said something I couldn't hear... When I walk over to him, he pulls out a WWI holster (Regiment marked 6 / R. R. 6. 93.). The wait was worth it!


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