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1941 byf ku

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Hello Jan and all; my local gun shop just had a 1941 byf [on toggle]
come in on a private walk in to sell; he wants $3800.00 for it as he has it booked as a 99%++ "kreighof"; the number infront of the side plate id 1098 ku and it looks as if the serial numbers are not quite as sharp/deep as my regular 1941 byf; is this one of the "kreigfofs in the book that list at $3500.00?
thanks for your help as i might just have untol tommorrow on it if the first guy that said he'd take it backs out! thanks Jim Wahl
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A 41 byf Ku is not a Krieghoff and in my opinion is not nearly as desirable or valuable(see page 97-105 Third Reich Lugers and page 139-142 Axis Pistols). If a common 1936 or 1937 Krieghoff is worth $3500 then a 41 byf Ku is worth about $2500 or less. (However, I do not keep up on prices and the collectors on this Forum may have more up to date information.)
Note:It is relatively easy to rework a common 41 byf into a fairly scarce 41 byf KU. Fakers have been doing this for at least 20 years.
THANK YOU JAN; the local gun shop guys are friends and i don't think they're aware of this; they new the story of them going to the luftwaffe and the re-work of rejected mauser parts;i did not have my reading glasses to see any small details but all parts were blued and the stamped numbers seem to be less sharp and not as deep as my standard 41 byf;
JAN your web site and the help we all get is very valualble to me and if i can speak also for others; thanks from a new collector!! jim wahl
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