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i have a 41 byf luger with plastic grips. it is import marked and has been reblued. it has the 655 marks.the only serial number appears to be 881 stamped on the underside base of the barrel.all of the parts are marked with a "2".anyone have any info on the serial number?the magazine has an aluminum base and is marked "3002". also what is the best brand ammo for the luger? i bought this gun as a shooter and it shoots great. thanks for any info

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Hello Gary, welcome to the forum. It is a 1941 Mauser (byf) originally, the E/655 (eagle 655) is the proof marks. The 8,81 should be the bore measurement from land to land, although it could be the serial number. There should be a serial number at the front of the frame, might be 2 or a 4562, or any combination up to 9992.

Wal-Mart has Winchester 9mm that shoots nice in most guns.

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