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1941 byf, sear safety rig

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Presented is a recent discovery which was expected and viewed with skepticism on my part but has shown no discrepancies that I could determine. With all the known number of post war sear safeties made within the last 10 to 15 years, one has to expect the worst and hope for the best with this variation, coupled with the fact that it is out of the accepted known serial range for this model. I accepted delivery with the bases that every part, no matter how small, were wrong and that everything that was on this gun had to prove to me that it was real and not "doctored" with. I feel satisfied that I accomplished this goal but what do you think ???

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Huggie bear

Very nice luger, one question on your number two magazine. Do you think that this luger was initially intended for the military and then issued to police.

The base looks good but the plus sign begs a question.

Thankyou for the interesting read and yout opinion on the lugers requisitioning.

For what it is worth I agree that the Wehrmacht had the greatest pull regarding weapon allocation, one only needs to look to the officers in the German high command.

The question on the magazine was intended to scrutinize police ordance supply and you have answered that.

Magazine allocation has long been an interest of mine and when you see a rig such as yours it answers a lot of questions.

Forget who actually said it on this forum but the basis was you can tell what luger was issued just by the magazine and this is very true.
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