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I posted this earlier on another website and I was asked if I could post it to this Forum. Of course - it would be my pleasure, as much of the research and learning about this variation is attributed to Mr. Still's excellent publication(s). As well - to note, there have been several fine Banner RIGS shown previously (please see huggiebear's posts) that I hope this adds to that database of information. I also want to take a moment and thank ToggleTop, for his guidence and comments on this Banner Luger.

Original post:
I thought I’d take an opportunity to present a 1941 E/L Proofed Mauser Police Banner for your review. While Mauser Banners are outside my primary collecting area, this piece is excellent - both as a representative example of later Mauser production and classic Eagle L (“E/L”) proofed Police Lugers. Please note, that all information is attributed to Mr. Jan Still, and his contributing collectors as noted in his excellent work “Third Reich Lugers”, without which – I would be lost on this variation.

As well, I have been wanting to post this treatise for some time, but I also wanted to conduct adequate research for those who may want to use this as a learning experience. Therefore, I also tried to take some very detailed photos of the areas that might be of interest.

According to Mr. Still (PP147 – Third Reich Lugers), approximately 5,915 1941 Mauser Banner Lugers were produced. The serial number of this specific specimen is “99 Y”, and would rate at 90%+ overall including one matched magazine (marked “2”). Overall wear is confined to the high spots from holster carry without any pitting or rust noted.

I will also note that this specimen also retains its original sear safety. I must admit – that the “sear safety” has always held a certain fascination for me, as it was mandated for use by the Police forces. However, somewhat mysteriously, and counter-intuitive, Police Officers have a reputation of advanced powers of observation, BUT, by Third Reich Government mandate, a Police Officer might disassemble their Luger in a loaded condition – completely ignoring the huge extractor marking of “GELADEN” (“LOADED”) sticking up off the front toggle, or even NOT check the chamber before disassembly.

Left Side view:
Download Attachment: 1-left.jpg
109.61 KB

Right Side view:
Download Attachment: 1-right.jpg
111.49 KB

Eagle L detail on Right side of the cannon. Notice the “L” to the right and under the Eagle – that is what is referred to as the Eagle L – or E/L:
Download Attachment: 2-right-detail.jpg
24.78 KB

The Mauser “Banner” on the center toggle:
Download Attachment: 3-top-banner.jpg
29.24 KB

The Left Side showing the Take down (blue) with the last 2 Military Digits, Sideplate and left cannon:
Download Attachment: 2-left-detail.jpg
191.88 KB

With the sideplate removed, you can now see the digit stamps on the trigger:
Download Attachment: 2-left-detail-2s.jpg
67.62 KB

The next series of photos document the Sear Safety. For those who do not have a Luger in their collection with one, here is what they include. This picture is from the Left Side, which is how it looks when issued. Note the riveted piece above the sear bar extending onto the top of the side plate:
Download Attachment: 4-searsafety1.jpg
199.1 KB

With the sideplate removed, you will see the “pin” contacting” and retaining the sear bar from movement. Since this can not move, it can not release the firing pin:
Download Attachment: 4-searsafety2.jpg
139.71 KB

From the top - a sear safety looks like this:
Download Attachment: 4-searsafety4.jpg
26.57 KB

And from the bottom, with the cannon off the Luger - you can clearly see how the "safety pin" retains the sear bar from movement:
Download Attachment: 4-searsafety3.jpg
102.69 KB

Top End Treatise.
Here is the top end. From right to left - notice the chamber date, extractor military serialization, Banner, Center link serialization, and correct sight flycut:
Download Attachment: 3-top.jpg
48.99 KB

Details of the correct Chamber Date and extractor serialization:
Download Attachment: 3-top2.jpg
72.94 KB

Center Toggle Link - with Banner and digit serialization:
Download Attachment: 6-center.jpg
101.72 KB

Forward Toggle Link with the correct GELADEN (LOADED) stamp:
Download Attachment: 5-fwdbrblk2.jpg
36.51 KB

Forward Toggle Link assembled. You will notice the proofs as they appear on the forward breech:
Download Attachment: 5-fwdbrblk.jpg
139.68 KB

The firing train including the firing pin, spring and retainer. These as they are removed from the forward breech block
Download Attachment: 6-firingtrain.jpg
65.77 KB

The middle and rear toggle links, underside. I am still researching these stamps:
Download Attachment: 7-undertoggle.jpg
44.43 KB

The barrel. Notice the witness marks, gauge and stamps on the underside near the mounting lug:
Download Attachment: 16-barrel-witness.jpg
58.99 KB

Front Sight Detail:
Download Attachment: 16-barrel-sight.jpg
41.2 KB

Download Attachment: sight_block.jpg
33.21 KB

Finally - the Axle pin with the correct military serialization:
Download Attachment: 9-axelpin.jpg
146.9 KB

Moving into the frame area, this is the inside of the sideplate. Notice the digit stamp and the differences to this area then other manufactures, such as HK:
Download Attachment: 8-sideplate.jpg
101.31 KB

The thumb safety. Again, serialized on the top to the number of this Luger. The safety is in excellent condition along with the :GESICHERT stamp as noted:
Download Attachment: 10-frame-safety.jpg
245.8 KB

The frame serial number. Notice that the serial number of a Luger is NOTED WITH the letter suffix!:
Download Attachment: 11-frame-serial.jpg
37.74 KB

The trigger guard relief. These varied from manufacturer to manufacturer, however, this is the correct relief pattern for Mauser
Download Attachment: 12-frame-triggercut.jpg
104.49 KB

The cut-out in the rear frame well. Again, a very distinct pattern to machining.
Download Attachment: 13-frame-rearwell.jpg
99.35 KB

The cut-out in the front of the frame well, where the locking bolt passes through. Notice the stamps.
Download Attachment: 14-frame-frontwell.jpg
75.67 KB

The "hold open" correctly inserted into the frame. Again, with correct military serialization.
Download Attachment: 15-frame-holdopen.jpg
108.06 KB

The frame lug cuts. Compared to HK, these have their own "finger_print" and are unique to Mauser:
Download Attachment: 15-frame-lug.jpg
126.84 KB

The magazine is matched to this Luger and is noted as "2" (magazines were numbered "1", "2" or sometimes, "3" as issued)::
Download Attachment: 17-mag-base.jpg
41.7 KB

Magazine proofs - fxo over an Eagle 37 (E/37). On the right, noted "P.08":
Download Attachment: 17-mag-proof.jpg
104.65 KB

Detail of the thumb checker:
Download Attachment: 17-mag-thumb.jpg
175.58 KB
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