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1942 Mauser Banner Police pistols both in the ``Y`` block. 1942 Chamber date, Eagle L proof on receiver, Sear safety & FXO mag. An inverted ``Eagle Proof`` also showing on the front sight.

Top pistol SN 3623Y has a matching FXO mag numbered in the police fashion with number 1. It is matched to an Otto Sindel 1941 dated Police holster. This particular Rig was acquired from fellow Canadian Collector ``Lugerlou`` ( Jim ) and I must thank him for this great addition to my III Reich Collection.

Second pistol SN 7054Y has been in the Collection for a long time.....It came with an unmarked base FXO mag.Interesting to note the difference in the mag base pins.


Download Attachment: DSCN3317.JPG

Download Attachment: DSCN3318.JPG

Download Attachment: DSCN3320.JPG

Download Attachment: DSCN3322.JPG

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Download Attachment: DSCN3325.JPG

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Just an opinion. All convex pinned aluminum magazine bases are associated with the police, maybe blue or in the white. About the - u - block of the 41-byf Military Luger production, Mauser seriously curtailed the numbering of Military magazines. With this thought, there were many un-numbered fxo magazines available to the police. these magazines with the convex pinned aluminum base began to appear in mid to late 1941 with the police Banners. These will have the convex pin and have the C.G. Haenel "fxo and SE-37' acceptance. During 1942, many will be found with the - Y - suffix letter. You have to remember the Police had no WaA Inspectors and "standardization" was not in demand.
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