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For some of you perhaps you have seen this before but others who have not I trust you will enjoy the luger rig as was issued.

Download Attachment: 1942 Fischer front.JPG
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Download Attachment: 1942 Fischer rear.JPG
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Download Attachment: 1942 Fischer markings.JPG
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Download Attachment: 1942 Mauser Bn. left side.JPG
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Download Attachment: Mauser Bn. toggle.JPG
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Download Attachment: left side close up.JPG
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Download Attachment: frame front.JPG
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Download Attachment: 1942 Mauser Bn. right side.JPG
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Download Attachment: police eagle L proof.JPG
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Download Attachment: two magazines.JPG
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Download Attachment: magazine bottoms.JPG
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Thank you for taking your time to show us such a beautiful Mauser luger rig. There is so much that can be gleaned from the images if we just open our eyes. As they say pictures are worth a 1000 words. Do you think the serial number digits on the magazines were hand stamped individually or by a machine? I see some that appear to be perfectly aligned and then I see others that have offsets in them! The convex pins have also been somewhat of a mystery to me.
In any event we do appreciate you going to all the trouble to get out your items, photographing them, uploading to the computer and then making the post. I wish there were more like you. After all that's what this forum is about, sharing information and not setting on our thumbs!



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Hello huggiebear,
I have been reading through info on the 1942 Mauser banner police luger and came across your fine rig. I have one with S/N 5331y just 4 numbers before yours. It is posted as "Pleasant Surprise" under Third Reich Lugers and on the New Collectors Board. The mags do not match but the holster, takedown tool and grips are numbered to the gun. Small world.


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Some collectors are dubious concerning the originality of the number of two matching magazine rigs that I have but remind them that I have been looking for one example of each for the past forty years and still have holes to fill in my collection. If I was to start today, serious doubts would surely be in order but with knowledge [ and lots of money ] one can achieve his goal. Too bad some of the earlier photo postings have been lost.
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