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1943 Mauser P38!

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Dear Friends:

Can someone advise the reason why a Mauser Byf43 P38 discharges when the de-cocking lever is released on a live round.

After looking at the de-cocking system, my feeling is that the firing pin and plunger are sticking thus allowing the hammer to drive the firing pin forward and firing the round. This sequence does not happen on my other P38's!

Would appreciate your thoughts in this regard.


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You may have a broken firing pin! This is a very dangerous situation as the gun is able to fire full auto with this problem.

Remove the top cover and replace the pin, you may notice that one of the metal pieces that engages the safety/decocking lever is broken.


You may want to remove the safety lever/decocker before you take it to the range and examine it as it can cause a full auto situation. I've seen some pretty dirty P.38s that don't fire when the safety is engaged.


The decocker/safety lever is a solid piece that has been machined. There is a spring and plunger in it as well.

Tom Heller has original WWII P38 parts, his email address is:

[email protected]

Feel free to mention my name in the email and ask for one that matches the condition of your gun.

Good luck!

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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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