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1943 Mauser P38!

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Dear Friends:

Can someone advise the reason why a Mauser Byf43 P38 discharges when the de-cocking lever is released on a live round.

After looking at the de-cocking system, my feeling is that the firing pin and plunger are sticking thus allowing the hammer to drive the firing pin forward and firing the round. This sequence does not happen on my other P38's!

Would appreciate your thoughts in this regard.


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You need to take the slide completely apart and examine the firing pin and the safety. Obviously, the pin is protruding when the gun goes into battery?

The safety "drum" might be broken and it would then lock the FP forward and the gun would "Slam Fire" like a SMG!

Also, years ago, some idiot was selling extra long firing pins as a 'full auto conversion kit'..


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