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Here's a horse of a different color. When Colt's contract was cancelled in 1945, the Govt. didn't buy back the existing inventories of parts like they did at the end of WWI. So Colt's simply applied commercial markings and a commercial finish and picked right back up selling to the public again.
This pistol is made up of entirely late-war military parts, including all the small parts, bbl., mag. and grips. Notice the slide is marked with both military and commercial roll markings; and it is also P proofed.
You may also notice this pistol is one of the earliest completed and numbered, before Colt's even started applying the GOVERNMENT MODEL marking again. Colt's resumed commercial production again at serial number C220001, reportedly in 1946, per Clawson's Government Models book.
***I've edited this post to correct the info on the C prefix not being present.

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I'd never say you are crazy...but maybe I am. I should have looked at the gun, or at least the photos before posting them.
Maybe I can redeem myself with photos of another type of Transition.
Here is a 1924 1911/1911A1 Transition. This particular pistol is an ol' Coastie that is reported to have gone AWOL in 1936.
The Springfield Research Service database states the pistol was on the Coast Guard pistol range in September 1936. Then in another hit, it lists the pistol as lost or stolen prior to November 1936. I figure somebody liked the way it shot on the range and latched onto it. They must have run an inventory in November 1936, because there are a few other C.G. pistols listed as lost/stolen with the same date.

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