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Bonjour Herve,

With me it goes like that all the time also. When I sleep, they are having a good time at the other side of the Atlantic, and when they sleep I get no immediate response. May be the European members (I guess about 10% out of all) should be more active between them in the European afternoon...

Thanks anyway for the hint of the Polizei - site. They had a very tough time there between 1945 - 1955 or so it seems.

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Thanks Joop for your comment !
et merci (indirectement) car j'ai enfin (après 20 ans de recherches) un de vos superbes GP 35 (1938) : c'est vraiment une très belle arme ! ce n'est pas le plus beau mais c'est le mien !
Sorry gents for this French "discussion"

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