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I had thought that I had posted this item before but after reviewing all the postings came to the conclusion that it was no longer available. Must have been in the pre-hacked days so bear with me if you have seen this before. This pistol is what I term uncommon but the holster is the real treasure here. See for yourself. This is the prototype holster that first appeared with the trials of the zero series P.38 and a pattern had not yet been established as to what the Wehrmacht actually wanted. Elements of a Luger and what is to become the standard pattern of the P.38 are evident. Interestingly, these holsters came into the country in 1963 and were selling for $3 each in a Kansas City gun store. Was told that there are four different variations of this holster but this model is the only one that I am familiar with. Suppossedly, 25 examples each were available but why this gun store owner had gotten them all together and where they came from remains a mystery to this day.

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192.17 KB I consider this holster to be the epitome of holster construction in the Third Reich. All elements have prime leather and not a single stitch is uneven , universally spaced and all are uniform in tension. Beautiful construction applied in which this holster should last a 100 years without any noticeable deterioration. Master sadderly talents shown here.

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223.52 KB If one looks closely, you will be able to read 8.82 running vertically on the front of the barrel flat.

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Download Attachment: DSC01657.JPG
207.54 KB Interesting in that they did not add the 0 in front of 753 when stamping the grips.

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