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2/2, BATTLE HISTORY, 1912 ERF., B.1.R.M.G.21.
PART 2/2, BATTLE HISTORY IN WORD AND PICTURE, BAVARIAN ISSUE 1912 ERFURT MARKED B.1.R.M.G.21. : BAVARIAN 1st INFANTRY REGIMENT, MACHINE GUN COMPANY, WEAPON 21. (Note: both the Bavarian 1st and 16th Infantry Regiments were part of the 1st Bavarian Infantry Division from the start of World war I to March 15 1915.)

Note: The National Contingents in the Imperial German Army during World War I:
Prussia and the smaller states: 78 percent
Bavaria: 11 percent
Saxony: 7 percent
Wurttemberg: 4 percent

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Figure 12. Bavarian Machine Gun crew training for the war to come.

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Figure 13. The Luger, holster, bayonet, and Identity disk are all marked to the 1st Bavarian Infantry regiment. They are all resting on the World War I battle History of all the Bavarian Infantry Regiments during World War I.

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Figure 14. Identity disk marked B.1.R.2.K.14.: Bavarian 1st Infantry Regiment, 2rd Company, serial number 14.

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Figure 15. Reverse side identity disk: the name of the soldier, his birth date, and home.

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Figure 16. Bayonet (quill back) marked B.1.R.3.218.: Bavarian 1st Infantry Regiment, 3rd Company, weapon number 218.

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Figure 17. Details of front strap, 1912 Erfurt, serial number 3485: B.1.R.M.G.21.: which signifies Bayerisches, 1st Infanterie-Regiment, Maschinengewehr-Kompagnie, Waffe Nr. 21. (Bavarian 1st Infantry Regiment, Machine Gun Company, weapon number 21) The issuing Regiment controlled and distributed these property marked Lugers to the troops. The history of these Lugers is the same as that of the Regiment that issued them and the troops that carried them..

The Bavarian 1st Infantry Regiment was part of the Bavarian I Corps District. During World War I the Bavarian 1st Infantry Regiment was part of the 1st Bavarian Infantry Division and battled on the Western Front during World War I. At the beginning of the War it was part of the 6th Army. It was part of the titanic battles of Verdun, the Somme, and the massive attacks of the Spring/Summer of 1918. Some rough notes on the battle history of the 1st Bavarian Infantry Division (from The Histories of 251 Divisions of the German Army which Participated in the War 1914-1918):

1914 Lorraine: sacked Bandonviller August 12; fought at Sarrebruecken August 20; advanced to Nossoncourt and Xaffevillers Sept. 6. Detrained near Namus, reaching Peronne the 24th.
1914 Somme: Part of the 2nd Army, race to the Sea, Combles (Oct. 24) Maricourt (Dec. 17)
1915 Artois Kept in line on the Somme until October 1915.
First Class Assult Div. Severe Losses
1916 Verdun Verdun front, battles near Douaumont (May 23) and those of June 1 and 8.
1916 Romagne-sous-les-Cotes area, June 22, during this offensive the Division suffered
1916 Reoccupied the Apremont-St Mihiel sector
1916 Sonne Sailly-Saillisel, Morval, Oct.13 to December; heavy losses
1916 St. Mihiel (Bois d’Ailly-Foret d’Apremont sector) beginning of Dec. - May 1917.
1917 Plateau De CalifornieHurtebise participated in several attacks losing heavily May 20 -June 17
1917 Champagne July 25-Dec 27

1918 ArgonneFeb 17 - 1 March
1918 St. Quentin March offensive
1918 Lassingy April 6-12
1918ChampagneMay 1-June 30, Souain July 15-31
1918 Soissons August 11
1918 Noyon August19-22
1918 Champagne Sept 27 Manre sector SE of Vouziers remained fighting until the armistice.
Rated as a first class assault division. It fought well, its losses were severe.

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Figure 18 . Historic- tradition information on the “Royal Bavarian 1. Infantry-Regiment König”. from “Ruhmeshalle unsere alten Armee”. Its history traces back to battles with Napoleon. This Regiments base/headquarters is München and it was founded in 1778.

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Figure 19. Battle history of the 1st Bavarian Division from “Ruhmeshalle unsere alten Armee”.
For the non-German readers. Some German to English translations are listed below:
Abwehrschlacht: counter attack
Angriff: Attack
Aufklärungs- u. Verschleierungskämpfe: reconnaissance, suppression, camouflaging, screening
Besetzung: occupation
Doppelschlacht: double, false, diversion battle
Gefecht: fight, battle, action, combat, engagement
Grenzschutz-u. Aufklärungsgefechte: frontier guard, border protection, border reconnaissance
Grosse Schlacht: large attack
Kämpfe: fights, actions, combat
Räumung: evacuation
Rückzugskämpfe: retreat, with draw
Schlacht: battle
Stellungskämpfe: warfare, combat from fortified position, fight, action
Verfogungskämpfe: follow up attack
Vorstoss: thrust, drive, advance
Waffenstillstand: armistice

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Figure 20. During 1916 the Bavarian 1st Infantry Regiment participated in the titanic Battle of Verdun. Initially the Germans triumphed in fierce battles taking the French Fort at Douaumont. The French counter attacked and retook all the German gains in equally fierce battles. At the end of the 10 month battle the losses were 377,000 French and 337,000 Germans. Shown is a machine gun battle between the French and Germans (Bavarians) at Fleury (Verdun).

For Luger and holster details, go to 1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers
½, 1912 ERFURT, SN 3485, B.1.R.M.G.21., DETAILS Jan C Still http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3539

For more information on Bavarian Lugers issued to the command/staff, infantry, and field artillery (all units part of the 6th Army) click on the link below.
PART 1/2, HISTORY, BAV.5. F.A.R., 17.J.R., 18.J.R. Jan C Still http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3127
For more information on Lugers issued to the Bavarian Cavalry Regiments, click on the link below.
4/5, HISTORY, BAVARIAN CAV. DIV. LUGERS Jan C Still http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3282
For information on a Luger issued to the Machine Gun Company of the Bavarian 16th Infantry Regiment, click on the link below.
½, BAVARIAN 1913 DWM, SN 2544, B.16.J.R.M.G.75. Jan C Still http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3541
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