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Figure 15. Historic- tradition information on the 122 Füsilier Regiment, from “Ruhmeshalle unsere alten Armee”. Listed are battles and dates as far back as Napoleon. This regiments honor name is “Kaiser Franz Josef von Österreich, König von Ungarn (4. Wurttembergisches) Nr. 122”. Its headquarters/base is Heilbronn (I & III) and Mergentheim(II) and it was founded in 1806.

Note: The percentage of national contingents in the German Army during World War I is as follows:
Prussia and the smaller states 78 percent
Bavaria 11 percent
Saxony 7 percent
Wurttemberg 4 percent
From “German WWI Identity Tags/Disks”, Peter Meinlschmidt, page 56.
Lugers unit marked to Wurttemberg Regiments are rare.

During World War I the 122 Füsilier Regiment was part of the 26th, 105th, and the 243rd Infantry Divisions. The LP08 discussed here in probably went into service with the 122 Füsilier Regiment sometime during August-September-October 1917. It spent the rest of 1917 and 1918 battling as part of the 243 Infantry Division on the Western Front. The issuing Regiment controlled and distributed these Lugers to the troops. The history of these Lugers is the same as that of the Regiment that issued them and the troops that carried them.

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Figure 16. World War I battle history of the 243 Infantry Division during 1917 and 1918 on the Western Front. From “Ruhmeshalle unsere alten Armee”. The 122 Füsilier Regiment as part of the 243 Infantry Division battled at Hill 344 (near Verdun), at the Meuse, at Picardy, at the Somme, and at Le Cateau during 1917 and 1918. (scroll)

For the non-German readers. Some German to English translations are listed below:
Abwehrschlacht: counter attack
Angriff: Attack
Aufklärungs- u. Verschleierungskämpfe: reconnaissance, suppression, camouflaging, screening
Besetzung: occupation
Doppelschlacht: double, false, diversion battle
Gefecht: fight, battle, action, combat, engagement
Grenzschutz-u. Aufklärungsgefechte: frontier guard, border protection, border reconnaissance
Grosse Schlacht: large attack
Kämpfe: fights, actions, combat
Räumung: evacuation
Rückzugskämpfe: retreat, with draw
Schlacht: battle
Stellungskämpfe: warfare, combat from fortified position, fight, action
Verfogungskämpfe: follow up attack
Vorstoss: thrust, drive, advance
Waffenstillstand: armistice

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Figure 17. World War I battle history of the 243 Infantry Division from Sept 9, 1917 to the Wars end in 1918, all on the Western Front. From “The Histories of 251 Divisions of the German Army, Which Participated in the War, 1914-1918". From the perspective of Allied Intelligence. Covers the World War I battle history of the LP08 under discussion. (scroll)

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Figure 18. History of the 122 Füsilier Regiment during World War I, written by surviving members of the Regiment and published in 1921. It details the World War I battle history of this Regiment in 312 pages of text and three fold out maps showing over 60 battle sketches (skizze).

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Figure 19. Map (Skizze 53)showing the 122 Füsilier Regiment deployment and direction of attack (blue shaded) during the Battle for Hill 344, Oct 1917. (From “Fusilier Regiment 122 in Weltkrieg)

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Figure 20. Page from “Füsilier Regiment 122 in Weltkrieg” describing the battle for Hill 344.(scroll)

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Figure 21. July 1916 dated photograph from the above History. Note: it shows a holstered P.08 hanging from shoulder straps.

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Figure 22. Long P08 in action at a battle in France during 1917.(from collection of M. Sublet, France-courtesy G. Machtelinckx)

Go to: 1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers for Luger and holster details.1/2,1917 DWM, LP08, SN 6237m, 122.R.4.6. Jan C Still http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3440

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Jan, Once again, thanks for the lesson. I have a question on the P08 "hanging from a shoulder strap" Could that holster be attached to sword straps on the belt? The shoulder straps look something like the standard cavalry X belt from the back.

Thanks, Heinz

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Not Sabre hanger straps. Well before 1914 the German army had had gone from double strap hangers to singles. It's damn near impossible to find a period scabbard that still has two rings. I can attach photos if I must.

It's a very intriguing photo and one that reenforces the proposition that iron clad rules ain't always so. Happy New Year to all.

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George, that is an amazing bit of information! No where but here do facts like this come out. What do you think of the hanging since it is probably not a sabre hanger? I wish they would have used better digital cameras in 1914
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