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Figure 12. 1910 DWM, serial number 2554d. Details of unit stamp 1.D.3.11. Kav. 94. 3.25 which signifies: 1 Dragoner-Regiment , Eskadron 3, Waffe Nr. 11; Kavallerie Regiment 94. Eskadron 3, Waffe Nr. 25

This Luger was marked to the first Dragoon Regiment in about 1910 and the 94 Kavallerie Regiment in about 1915. The issuing Regiments controlled and distributed unit marked Lugers to the troops. The history of these Lugers is the same as that of the regiments that issued them and the troops that carried them.

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Figure 13. Historic- tradition information on the 1st Dragoon Regiment, from Ruhmeshalle unsere alten Armee.. Its honor/tradition name is “Dragoner-Regiment Prinz Albrech von Preussen (Littauisches) Nr. 1.” It was founded in 1717 and its headquarters/base is Tilsit. Its battles go back to the wars against Napoleon.

During World War I the 1st Dragoon Regiment-94 Kavallerie Regiment spent 1914, 1915, 1916 and 1917 on the Eastern Front battling the Russians. During 1914 and part of 1915 it was part of the First Kavallerie Division; in 1915 units from the 1st Dragoon Regiment and the Fortress Garrison of Koenigsberg formed the 94 Kavallerie Regiment which was part of the 16th Landwehr Division. These units battled on the Eastern front during 1914 -1918. In January 1918 the 94 Kavallerie Regiment was transferred to the Western Front. It was disbanded in August 1918 and its members became part of the 1st Infantry Division.

The following information is from the World recognized unit marking expert Klaus Schad:
“Kav.-Regts. # 84-94 were war time formations and formed out of Ersatz-, Ldw.-and Ldst.-Eskadrons by the summer of 1915. All of them went to the Eastern Front and became "Kavallerie Schuetzen Regimenter" by the fall of 1916.

Kav.-Regt. 94 was part of the 16. Ldw.-Division, which was arisen from the fortress garrison of Koenigsberg. The regiment was composed of the following Eskadrons :

Ersatz Eskadron Dragoner Regt. 1
Ldw.-Eskadron 2 and 3 (Drag.1) of I. AK.
Res.-Ersatz Eskadron of I. AK.
1.Eskadron Kuerassier Regt. 3
C.O. : Major Reschke (Drag.1)

Kav.-Regt. 94 went to the Western Front by January 1918. C.O. was Major von Vultejus (Kuerassier-Regt. 7). The regiment was disbanded by August 1918. The remainder of the unit went to the Feldrekruten-Depot of 1.I.D.

Source : Die Neuformationen der Kavallerie 1914/18, by Oberst a.D. Kling in Feldgrau 1955.”

Note:The 1st Dragoon Regiment and the 94 Kavallerie Regiment; and the First Kavallerie Division and 16th Landwehr Division all battled on the Eastern Front and are related in terms of common units and some battles. (The 1st Dragoon Regiment was raised in 1717 while the 94 Kavallerie Regiment was raised in 1915.)

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Figure 14. World War I battle history of the 1st Dragoon Regiment when it was part of the First Kavallerie Division(from the start of War in1914 to 1915). From Ruhmeshalle unsere alten Armee.

For the non-German readers. Some German to English translations are listed below:
Abwehrschlacht: counter attack
Angriff: Attack
Aufklrungs- u. Verschleierungskämpfe: reconnaissance, suppression, camouflaging, screening
Besetzung: occupation
Doppelschlacht: double, false, diversion battle
Gefecht: fight, battle, action, combat, engagement
Grenzschutz-u. Aufklärungsgefechte: frontier guard, border protection, border reconnaissance
Grosse Schlacht: large attack
Kämpfe: fights, actions, combat
Räumung: evacuation
Rückzugskämpfe: retreat, with draw
Schlacht: battle
Stellungskämpfe: warfare, combat from fortified position, fight, actionVerfogungskämpfe:followup attack
Vorstoss: thrust, drive, advance
Waffenstillstand: armistice

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Figure 15a. Composition of the 16th Landwehr Division. From The Histories of 251 Divisions of the German Army, Which Participated in the War, 1914-1918". From the perspective of Allied Intelligence.

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Figure 15 b. World War I battle history of the 94 Kavallerie Regiment (Luger reissued to the 94 Kavallerie Regiment during 1915) when it was part of the 16th Landwehr Division. (from the end of 1915 to end of 1917). From The Histories of 251 Divisions of the German Army, Which Participated in the War, 1914-1918". From the perspective of Allied Intelligence.

The 1st Dragoon Regiment and the 94 Kavallerie Regiment battled on the Eastern Front during 1914 at Gumbinnen and Tannenberg (fig. 16,17), during 1914 and 1915 in Poland and Russia(fig.18-21), and during 1916 and 1917 in Russia.

In 1918 the 94 Kavallerie Regiment transferred to the Western Front(fig. 24). In August 1918 it was disbanded and its members became part of the 1st Infantry Regiment and battled at Rheims in the last months of the war.

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96.15 KBFigure 16. Dragoon and Ulan patrol scout to locate the Russia Armies in East Prussia at the start of World War I.

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Figure 17. Tannenberg battle scene dated August 29, 1914, showing elements of the German Army rushing to engage the Russian enemy that had invaded East Prussia. German towns people anxious for an end to Russian occupation greet the troops. The battle has just passed and is only minutes ahead of these soldiers. The German 8th Army command by Von Hindenburg used its superior tactical skills to destroy the Russian Second Army and badly maul the Russian First Army and send it in desperate retreat. The 1st Dragoon Regiment as part of the 1st Kav. Div. was engaged in these battles, scouting ahead to locate the enemy and holding critical spots until the Infantry arrived.

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Figure 18. Poland 1914, Dragoon patrol routs Russian Infantry caught in the open.

Download Attachment: 1910P081D94CAVR19.jpg
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Figure 19. German and Russian cavalry battle in Poland during 1914.

Download Attachment: 1910P081D94CAVR20.jpg
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Figure 20. Dragoon patrol deploying across a Polish river in 1915.

Download Attachment: 1910P081D94CAVR21.jpg
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Figure 21. German Dragoons at base in Poland.

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Figure 22. Late World War I photograph showing jousting troopers. Such training would have a high risk of injury and would only be appropriate for young tough troopers.(a grudge match?)

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Figure 23. 1918 dated photograph shows German Cavalry attacking with lances on the Western Front.

For details of this Luger and its holster go to:
* ½ 1910 DWM, SN 2554d, DRAGOON REGIMENT, DETAILS Jan C Still
----- http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4024

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Great presentation Jan.

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To add to the list, I have 1910 sn 3696d marked "16.D.4.6." and 1910 sn 7479c marked "9.D.3.17.".
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