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Need advice - just bought a Luger that is in 30 cal, not 9mm.

Where can I find ammo for this ?

Also, need reloading advice - what size reloading die set, size brass, bullet weihgts , etc. ?


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Fiocci currently manufactures ammunition in .30 Luger, it is about $25/box of 50, and is too underpowered to reliably operate a Luger with a strong recoil spring.

Winchester .30 Luger can be found very occasionally, I've never had the opportunity to either price it or shoot it.

You might find custom reloads at a larger gun show.


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Lawrence -

I have a 1920 DWM .30 Luger shooter in which I use Fiocci ammo without problems; probably I don't have a strong recoil spring. The Fiocci is priced lower than any other ammunition I have been able to find on the Internet, so it might be worth your time to try a box of them. I bought mine from OUTDOOR INTERACTIVE for $17.99 per box including shipping.


They currently list the ammo as $16.45 per box, but they are "Out of Stock."

If they do not properly operate your Luger you can have a weaker recoil spring installed. I don't have any personal experience with such a modification, but it has been discussed on the other Luger Forum on more than one occasion by shooters more experienced than I.

Good luck.

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I have had some problems using Fiocchi, due to the different strenghts of the recoil springs. I solved the problem by making my own cardridges. Redding has a dice set for .30 Luger, it is working fine for me: # 80250.

http://www.redding-reloading.com/PDF files/seriesd.pdf

The good news is that Star will start producing the brass this spring, so that you do not need to resize and trim 9mm Para shells anymore.


Bullets in .30 can be found at Speer and several other places, a weight of 92 grains is perfect. I prefer not to give you my loading chart, reloading is a too secure job, and it depends on the brand and type of powder you want to use.

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once .30 Luger was one of the more common pistol calibres here in Europe. It´s still preferred by many to the ubiquitous 9mm. But it´s now getting harder to find as the years go by. There are no German manufacturers left; Lapua was once made very reliable 7.65 Luger rounds. So it´s now Fiocchi or re-loading old cases. Fiocchi works fine in my 7.65 Navy Luger and I bought as much as I could afford as even cases were getting hard to find. But I haven´t been able to re-load Fiocchi cases. Even enlarging the case neck doesn´t stop the shoulder collapsing when the bullet is seated. But re-sizing .223 REM (cases can be found at almost every range) provides excellent .30 Luger. It does take a bit of time, as the cases are sized, cut to length and neck reamed. You´ll need RCBS P/N 581823 together with shell holder #10.

Hope this helps

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