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once .30 Luger was one of the more common pistol calibres here in Europe. It´s still preferred by many to the ubiquitous 9mm. But it´s now getting harder to find as the years go by. There are no German manufacturers left; Lapua was once made very reliable 7.65 Luger rounds. So it´s now Fiocchi or re-loading old cases. Fiocchi works fine in my 7.65 Navy Luger and I bought as much as I could afford as even cases were getting hard to find. But I haven´t been able to re-load Fiocchi cases. Even enlarging the case neck doesn´t stop the shoulder collapsing when the bullet is seated. But re-sizing .223 REM (cases can be found at almost every range) provides excellent .30 Luger. It does take a bit of time, as the cases are sized, cut to length and neck reamed. You´ll need RCBS P/N 581823 together with shell holder #10.

Hope this helps

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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