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A friend and fellow collector sold me this pistol at a very good price just before he died of cancer, almost as though it were a sort of "going away" gift.

Have another 38H that has a broken SAFETY DÉTENTE SPRING and SAFETY DÉTENTE. Does anyone have any idea where I can find these parts?

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An excellent early 38-H Police Model! It puts mine to shame. I think I saw some 38-H safety parts on the Action Arms website. Best of luck in restoring a very rare Sauer!

I have a 38-H,reportedly an officer's sidearm, that my father acquired in a poker game in France during WWII. On the left side of the slide, it is marked J.P.SAUER & SOHN SUHL and CAL.7,65. (Ser. #)206589 is posted on the right-rear of the frame and carries a crown over N mark immediately beneath it; also a crown over N mark immeiately above the right rear grip on the slide; what I believe to be the Nazi Police proof is stamped on the front of the left-side trigger guard. Grips are Bakelite and intact with SuS mark. Overall barrel length is 6" and measures 4 1/4" from base grip to top of the barrel. Blued finish probably 85+% intact. Holster is a plain black leather with retaining flap and bears the same stamp but does not have matching serial # stamp; spare magazine pouch. Two magazinges marked with SuS and CAL.7,65. I also have the Certification document that my father needed to bring the pistol back to the US after his tour of duty. I will try to get pictures posted. Any comments are welcome.
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