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I have been an admirer of the Parabellum pistols since childhood. Have never bought one due to one thing or another... and have usually regreted my stupidity later as I saw the prices rise and good looking specimens go out of reach..
Now I am offered what appears to be an about "new" matching- except mag, which is Erma- 40 "42" in the 9000 range, wafenampt marked. Does appear to be original with no rust or pits, no polishing marks as reblues have, all sharp etc and no import marks I can find. This is one of the nicest I've seen for sale in years.
The guy wants $900 for it, which is a bit of cash right now but not out of reach if I reorder some priorities. He will do some trading for an FN-49 I have.
From what I can tell this is not "out of line" given the condition if it is original. Is this correct? Any opinions or ideas? Im going to meet with the guy Saturday afternoon. I want it cause I want one, and have for years, seems like a keeper. It is going to be shot some and carried a bit, but not as a "first-line combat weapon", as I have better weapons for that.

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Ran, Welcome to the forum! By "40" do you mean that the chamber top is stamped "1940". A 90-95% 1940-42 would be a decent buy at $900. Just make sure it's not reblued. If so, PASS! It is one of the more common variations. Try to get some photos first. And post them. You'll get honest advice here.
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