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Presented here is my example of a "acceptable" large lettered prefix KU and it unique holster. Once again, as I have pointed on previous postings that this holster has the unique "U" shaped pattern on the hold down strap. Always examine such a holster for the presence of a Luftwaffe proof on the inside body rear wall, particularly so if the color is black. There are a number of "points of interest" on this weapon and expect all to concenrate upon them as the world is now full of enhanced variations that the collecting fraternity needs to be aware of........so don't fall asleep with this exhibit ! Each KU luger has its own unique features but for the beginner, stay what is known and published. I say unique because as each of these lugers were assembled with what was left in the Mauser bins when the luger production ceased, one can find any number of strange items incorporated into final assembly....... BUT certain requirements are still present in order to have these weapons classified as a correct era KU variation. What is it that they say about knowledge.......????? Remember, this luger is a prefixed Large number size variation and not the smaller sized suffix. Know your difference !!!

Download Attachment: holster front.JPG
228.34 KB

Download Attachment: holster rear.JPG
236.79 KB

Download Attachment: holster inside proof.JPG
263.2 KB

Download Attachment: luger left side.JPG
240.53 KB One unique feature with this luger is that it has a strawed safety lever. Another is the extremely small 42 directly underneath the larger 09 on the side plate.

Download Attachment: luger left side close up.JPG
235.61 KB You will notice that the barrel has not only the LA proof but also a eagle 655. Notice the "U" as it has the two dots above it. In keeping with the Luftwaffe practice, there are three main componets and their locations where the LA proof is found. The barrel , toggle link, and the right side of receiver.

Download Attachment: luger toggle top.JPG
168.18 KB

Download Attachment: luger frame front.JPG
166.62 KB The frame shows that it has a witiness mark, but barrel has no serial number nor does it have any barrel dimensions.

Download Attachment: luger right side.JPG
215.33 KB

Download Attachment: luger right side close up.JPG
248.01 KB

Download Attachment: KU luger grips.JPG
226.64 KB The grips not only have a large sized serial number but is only the second place that the eagle 655 is found on this gun.

Download Attachment: luger group view 1.JPG
232.88 KB

Download Attachment: luger group view 2.JPG
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Why did I open this thread before looking to others first???
My goodness, this is a terrific rig. A splendid Kü - with a Luftwaffe holster in pristine state. You Are A Lucky Man...

Thanks for this presentation. I will not sleep for at least three nights.

I have seen several ku lugers at gun shows in wisconsin. they had SN above 5000. would this automatically put the gun up as suspect??? Thanks for showing your weapon. Mike

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I don't believe that a serial number above 5000 would be any more suspect than any others as far as I know. I would be nervous however if serial was five digit. Check to see that all three major componets have the LW proof mark. For a luger it would be , the right side of receiver, the barrel and the toggle link. The most common variation being faked is the small serial number KU suffix and not the large serial number KU prefix. Also make sure the U in KU has the two dots or umlats above it.

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Another educational display. That is a beautiful Ku rig.

Note: There were rumors of faked Ku Lugers (with the small numbers) made from 41 byf Lugers, 25 years ago.
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