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41 byf code question

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I have a P08 my dad obtained in either N. Africa or Italy which I'm interested in documenting as closely as possible. I posted information re. the holster, tool, and magazines on a separate board on this site in the hope of expanding knowledge on them as well.
The Ser.# is 2420 with an undefinable letter code based on figures I studied on a separate site. The best I can describe is this looks like it wants to be a script "h" or "t" in that it slants strongly upwards to the right but ends at the top with a small distict right pointed hook, similar to an eagle's beak. Very plain but very distinct. The land measurement is 8,81. Inspector markings are 2 Eagle 655's on the right of the block. No alignment markings are present on the piece. It has a dark blue finish (85-95%)with the only wear at the muzzle and stock lug. Grips are bakelite. The sideplate is NOT matching, # 36, which was explained by my dad that often when capture was imminent it was not uncommon for them to flip the plates off and disable the gun. Guess they knew the collector value---. Anyway, it was hand honed by him and the gun is tight and fires like a dream. Your collective wisdom and comments are welcomed. Thanks.
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Hi Bob, the byf 41 serial numbers began with the N-Block, so it shouldn't be an "h", unless more than the trigger plate was replaced. A "t" is pretty easy to tell, but it also could be an "n", a "p" or an "r" which sometimes can be tough to read. These pistols are a real blast to shoot (pun intended).
Bob, if the serial is 2420r, it was completed about April 1941, give or take a month.
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