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Used to own two potuguese model 943 rigs.One I still have and the other now belongs to a fellow Canadian collector.

Both of these lugers were in the (M) suffix block, I will only comment on the one I still own.

My luger is a complete BYF 42 rig and does not have any of the british proofs that yours exhibits,this luger is all blued except for the ejector which is a plum colour as is the sear spring.

eagle over 135 0n right receiver with nazi eagle, po8 left frame, breechblock proofed left side and barrel has two proofs.

Magazines are Haenel extruded type with po8 fxo eagle over 37, both magazines have unmarked aluminum bottoms and are correct for this luger.

The holster that Pete Ebbink displayed is correct and should contain a cleaning rod and a unmarked stripping tool.

I believe that your luger may have been captured by the british and proofed and then made it's way to the USA at wars end or sometime later.

The Canadian government does not require imports to be marked with british proofs.

I am currently checking into the why's and who did the importing of the model 943's into Canada but have nothing solid yet.

Hope this info helps and if you need anymore info just ask


I also have a 42 byf very similar to the one describded by Mike :

- Upper receiver markings: Eagle 135(2), Nazi firing proof, Stamped on internal lug: Crown BNP, FBg in a circle.

- Receiver: PO8, stamped just forward of the toggle lock is: Eagle N, a partial "pineapple" looking stamp, and "80" in a semi oval.

- Toggle (underside): Eagle N on bottom of forward toggle.

- Serial number is 3323 N

- The Eagle N is present on almost all parts.

Do you have more info about this P08 ? Is also a Portuguese contract ?
I can send some detailled pics if needed.

Thanks in advance,


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Eric and James :

Aren't all the M935 lugers to be in the "m" suffix block and "42" byf's only...?

My M935 holster does have the small loop cleaning rod and a TD tool. Bought it for $ 225 about 1 year ago...still has no luger in it though.

Download Attachment: M1943Rig1.jpg
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If anyone is looking to buy a M935 holster, these folks in DE might still have this one for sale :


Asking was 150 Euros :


Contact info :


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Pete Ebbink and members

Re a email from pete, his email has corrected my previous error on the Portuguse M943 M block and the above has been edited.

I had inadvertantly typed a 41 instead of the correct 42BYF code

All are BYF/42's as they were the last of the Mauser production lugers sent out along with the Bulgarian contract in the M and N block.

Good to have the sharp eye of Mr. Ebbink on this one.
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