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42 byf

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This was gift from the vet who brought it back. is this one of the so called black widows? Tryed to take the grips off to clean it,they wont budge.how do I get them off without breaking? This is true, I found this mans wallet in a parking lot,returned it intact, And this was his thanks to me.neet huh?

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Yup, that is "one of the so called black widows". Very nice reward for finding a fellow's wallet.
Crank....... Good things happen to good people. I would remove the mag and get some oil in between the grips and the frame and let it sit overnite. I would then try to gently tap out the RIGHT HAND grip. The left hand side grip is a little harder to get out because of the safety lever. Once you get the RIGHT hand side off the other side will be easy. Go easy and it will work.
Excellent photographs and presentation of your byf 42 "black widow"
I will gently tap from the back of the grip via the magazine well, very light taps, and it will come off, but be careful as these grips are famous for breaking off the edges towards the top.

Thats what im afraid of(breaking)it.It has a little rust around the the grips,and on the mag body. thats why I would like to get them off, boy im telling you they wont buge. What is the meaning of black widow? and is that a corect holster and mag for this gun? the bad part of the deal was the man passed away three months after he retired.Truck driver for APA transport. East coast.
Also thanks for advice.
All, foget the ? about what a black widow term was. I went into some of Jans posting about them, and received all the answer's I need. Thanks Jan.

Nice score, at times a hair dryer warms things up very nicely by applying over the grips carefull not to get to hot and please take the non safety side or right side off first as the left grip has a tendency to chip at the edge of safety on the left side near the top.

Once you remove the right grip a gentle tap at the bottom of the grip on left side will help to ease the left grip away from the frame and safety area.

Penetrating oil may help but do take your time, this you can apply from the inside via the removal of the barrel and receiver,remove magazine first of course.

Any way a very nice example.
I will give it a try, will let everyone know. Thanks all.
Hi John,

Your CEA holster code is : Heinrich Thiele, AG., Dresden.

What is your WaA number...should be WaA 706...?
Hello to you Pete, dont know, it was not stamped deep enough to read, only part showes.
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